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VIDEO Watch Me!

Thanks to the fabulous Simona Ventura and Caterina, wearing a Simonetta silver dress ! #Simonetta #SimonettaFriends #PartyDress

likes 96

Giuseppe Dezio
la mamma è splendida

Elen Petrosyan

Hoping you're having a wonderful Christmas ! 😘 #SimonettaFriends #ChristmasDay

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likes 56

Anna Meglio

Lazy Sunday or Crazy Sunday ? That is the question ! 🙄 Thanks to @dochkimateri for the amazing pic. #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #SimonettaTiny #SundayMood

likes 99

Bread and cakes, pots and pans ! Nothing is missing for the cooking party ! 🍰🍳🍞 #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #FestiveSeason #Christmas2016

likes 168

Let Yourself be inspired, fill your home with love. Children are the sweetest gift, thank them all with a special surprise ! Order at by December 18th for Christmas delivery.

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Our favourite mascotte for the weekend?! Our teddy bear! 🐻 #Simonetta #SimonettaMini

likes 60

Super fun during Simonetta's shooting for the ss17 collection! Moments from the backstage! 😎 #Simonetta #SimonettaMini

likes 94

Fannice Fanetti
Meravigliose ❤️

Emily Kornya
Maria Tea Varo <3

Simonetta starred in one of the events organized to celebrate the official opening of the Level Kids Department Store at the City Walk Mall in Dubai on Friday 29 October. The Italian maison took part in Fashion Playground, the first fashion show dedicated entirely to kids, organized by Vogue Bambini in collaboration with the Chalhoub Group. Discover more on: Venerdì 29 ottobre Simonetta è stata protagonista di uno degli eventi organizzati per celebrare l’apertura ufficiale del Level Kids Department Store al City Walk Mall di Dubai. La Maison marchigiana ha partecipato a Fashion Playground, la prima sfilata interamente dedicata al mondo del bambino realizzata da Vogue Bambini in collaborazione con il Gruppo Chalhoub. Scoprite di più su:

likes 72

Colors and fun at #SimonettaPressDay for the presentation of the new SS17 collection 🎈 #Simonetta #SimonettaMini

likes 88

Emily Kornya
Wow 😍 I love this!!

Antonella Ludovico

A mix and match of images taken from different cultures. Flowers, butterflies, stripes, printed characters, pottery designs and block printed elements … in sophisticated hues, ranging from burgundy red all the way to warm pinks, from light sky blues to Persian blue. #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #SimonettaFriends

likes 101

Happy and fun, the teddy bear is the charming mascot that has been chosen to decorate dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts and shrugs. 🐻 #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #SimonettaFriends

likes 128

Best place to be? With your family of course! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Thanks to Harper's Bazaar Arabia for the pic #Simonetta #SimonettaPress #SimonettaFriends

likes 45

A perfect crew in #Dubai for Level Kids launch with Vogue Bambini ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to Enrica Ponzellini for the pic #Simonetta #SimonettaFriends #vbfashionayground #thewondermentbegins

likes 47

Little Allegra walked the runway at the amazing Level Kids launch with Vogue Bambini! Super cool! ✌🏻️😎 Thanks to Adore Decor DXB for the pic 💪🏻 #Simonetta #SimonettaFriends #vbfashionplayground #Dubai

likes 38

When Street Art meets Simonetta! Zosen Limited Edition: the exclusive prints created for Simonetta bring together fun motifs that are just right for children. Discover more on: #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #SimonettaFriends

likes 412

Antonella Gandolfo

Every journey is amazing, but our favourite! #Simonetta #SimonettaJourney

likes 64

Last day of the week at school and then little Anna will be ready for the weekend! Thanks to Fannice Kids Fashion for the pic 💞 Discover more on Anna's black and white dress on: #Simonetta #SimonettaFriends

likes 59

Sabrina Pogna
Bellissima Anna

Miguel Cardoso
Merveilleuxe 💐

Fannice Kids Fashion
Super ready! <3 <3 <3

likes 73

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication 😏 Thanks to Style Piccoli for the pic ❤️ #Simonetta #SimonettaPress

likes 53

Nani Sant
Anastasia Incar

Feeling Fridaylicious 😜 Thanks to Hooligans Magazine for the picture #Simonetta #SimonettaFriends #furcoat #weekendvibes

likes 39

Happy World Smile Day! :) Thanks to Children Salon for the pic #Simonetta #SimonettaMini #worldsmileday

likes 217

Martina Rossi
Io e te Marisol saremmo impazzite 20 anni fa, davanti a questo adorabile vestitino! 😍😍😍😍

Francesca Migliorelli

Antonella Gandolfo

Little Fairy Fashion
Che amoreeee <3

Miriam Arias
Linda .

likes 75

Roberta Conti

No matter where or when, we're always ready to...Strike a pose! #Simonetta #SimonettaMini

likes 37

likes 183

likes 12

A brilliant tiny dress in jacquard embellished with shining lurex to feel like a star! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Simonetta #SimonettaTiny

likes 83

We are not like Cinderella! We will never lose our shoes! #Simonetta #SimonettaJourney Find your favourite shoes on:

likes 281

Roberta Conti
che carine!

Pierpaolo Roccaforte
Mi piace

Mariola Byczkowska
Czadowe :-)

Suitcases, postcards, souvenirs and polka dots, which are printed or embroidered, bring to life fun yet ever-elegant looks. #Simonetta #SimonettaJourney

likes 125

Are you really sure not come with me next time?! We are ready for our #SimonettaJourney wearing princess-line dresses! Discover our clothing on and in boutique #Simonetta #SimonettaMini

likes 157

Roberta Romano

Roberta Della Monica
Ho visto il prezzo ... Mi sono spaventata, 😱😱😱bellissimo certo,ma neanche la regina Elisabetta spenderebbe una cifra così ...mamma mia !!!

Roberta Della Monica
Vincenzo Altieri 😍😍😍

Benedetta Bricchetti
Nadia Bannò